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We assist Advisory clients assess opportunities in the transportation and industrial markets and our track record includes work on some of the most complex M&A and restructurings in U.S. history

Covington Advisory Clients Premere Private Equity FIrms



Exclusive focus on two verticals where Covington brings leverage for deal identification, thesis development, acquisition execution and long-term value creation


  • Significant industry experience working with automakers, commercial vehicle OEs and the supply base to these markets

  • Extensive product and system design knowledge

  • Ability to quickly identify areas of value and expansion

  • Network of former and current executives and professionals that provide technical, integration and strategy expertise

Automotive Experts


Manufacturing  and fabrication
  • Covington works within several end-markets including materials, manufacturing processes, distribution and service-related markets

  • Focus within Industrials on processing and production such as stamping, forging, casting and molding

  • Industrials targets likely to serve a variety of end-markets providing diversification opportunities

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